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The Mali Collection

We are happy to introduce the new Mali Collection. Two automatic timepieces built for sophistication and three quartz watch models designed with simplicity and elegance. Our world class timepieces all feature stainless steel hypoallergenic waterproof casings and top notch replacement bands including Italian leather and sports silicone straps to elevate your style.
Celebrate Yourself!

Swiss Essence

The first association that comes to one’s mind with the phrase “a good wristwatch” is naturally one made somewhere in Switzerland or Japan. Do you want to know what makes Japanese and Swiss watches stand out? It is “the movement”, of the watch.


Sapphire Crystal

Known for obtaining a remarkable hardness (nearly as hard as a diamond). Has a high scratch resistance which makes it a perfect material for wristwatches.


Swiss & Japanese Movement

Run by the vibration of a quartz crystal (32,786 times per second) under current to keep possibly accurate time.


316L Stainless Steel

The watch case is made of extra low carbon steel that is often used in surgical instruments and marine appliances thanks to its high corrosion resistance. It gives our watches their hypoallergenic and waterproof quality.


Italian Leather Straps

The band is made of high-grade Italian eco-leather with a soft nubuck lining for extra comfort. Obtains excellent wearing qualities.


Designed for Those Who See No Limits

You’ve come a long way through your resilience, thinking and actions. Nothing can stop you. If you fail you get up and find another way until you succeed. Naysayers eventually shut up, accept you and recognise your achievements. Celebrate Yourself!

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